Jobs in Farkhor

Jobs in Farkhor | Job Opportunities in Farkhor

Farkhor borough or Nohiya-i Farkhor is a borough in Khatlon prefecture of Tajikistan and at the same time it is graded as commercial land areas of the country dealing in numerous national and international products. Historically it is unprivileged nation but in the 18th century with the invasion of external forces most of the city was developed in advanced structures that prove an ideal and tourism spot in the country. Farkhor has different small and major sized industries mostly dealing in production of garments, woven products, small scaled handicrafts and flat carpet making at homes. Farkhor is graded as place of Tajikistan where almost all type of jobs and employment opportunities are easily available to the job seekers of the nation. There are more than a million people recorded in the city as per recent population census.

Most of the population in Farkhor is linked with agricultural business and allied sub division of businesses in villages is made like farming of cattle, sheep and poultry products. Cotton growing and cattle rising are the biggest businesses of the community and due to cattle production large revenue is annually collected whereas in poultry businesses many products are obtained like meat, chicken, eggs and other foodstuff of Farkhor. It is the need of the hour to walk with the time and stay updated so media and televisions of the city are quite independent to advertise or print the latest news and information.

Tourism industry of any nation plays an important role in the development and growth therefore government of Farkhor is very caring to increase the size and number of its available tourism spots in the city of Farkhor including shopping malls, theaters, night places, disco centers, pubs and ball rooms.

Jobs in Farkhor

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