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Jobs in Eskisehir | Job Opportunities in Eskisehir

Eskisehir is a city in northwestern Turkey and the capital of the Eskisehir Province. According to the census of 2009, the population of the city is 631,905 inhabitants. The city of Eskisehir is located on the banks of the Porsuk River. Eskisehir city is 792 meters high above the sea level. Eskisehir means “The Old City” in Turkey. It was established in about 1000 BC. Archeological Museum of the city restores many Phrygian artifacts. Another museum of meerschaum stone is noticeable in producing high quality meerschaum pipes. Ancient geographers declare the city as most beautiful land area in Anatolia. Like other cities in Anatolia, Christianity is the major official religion of the Roman Empire. Eskisehir is one of foremost industrial cities. The city mainly depends on flour-milling and brickyards. Expansions were made in 1894 with the installation of Berlin-Baghdad Railway carriage.

Eskisehir is recognized as one of the biggest industrial center of Turkey due to high investments and keen interest in producing trucks, home appliances, railway locomotives, fighter aircraft engine, agricultural equipment, textiles, brick, cement, chemicals, processed meerschaum and refined sugar. City is providing a relaxed working environment and variety of earning options. Education sector is also growing rapidly with the easy access of electronic media and advancement in information technology.

After the war, almost all the structures were destroyed so reforms are still in process and visitors have no other choice to visit the ruins of Turkey. Eskisehir has a dry continental climate with snowfall in winters and hot & dries in summer. Spring and autumn seasons carry frequent rainfall. Due to plentiful industries in the city, there are many job opportunities for educated personnel in following departments i.e. Information technology, sales and marketing, accounting & Finance and administrative regions. Salary structures in the town are reasonably good to entice relocating people.

Jobs in Eskisehir

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Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Eskisehir

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