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Eket is a main city and second biggest in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria after Uyo, the state capital. The estimated population of the city is around 263,342 residents while the Eket LGA, including Eket Township, Ibeno, Qua Ibo and other small towns combined is over 800,000 in population. This is an industrial city, in recent years the city has became a conurbation, spreading outwards to include former separate villages. Eket also refers to an ethnic group living in this region and their language. An oil refinery is currently under construction in the surrounding area of the city along the Oron road. The city contains a stadium complex, an airstrip as well as other infrastructures of importance. It also has a number of hotels like Villa Marina, Royalty Hotels, Crystal Palace Hotel, Roseboom Hotels, and others. The city has an industrial nature and is relatively an expensive city. The government has plans of upgrading the city by the provision of further main roads in the city and the construction of housing estates.

In the mid 90’s the western environmentalists were concerned over the activities of oil exploitation in and around Eket, such as Shell and Mobil. But as a result of this the city is now "oil-rich" and Eket is the thriving hub of a new oil and gas business, with more than 250 companies providing support services such as catering, flights, and exports. But this success also brought some problems with it like reluctance by local young men to engage in traditional work such as fishing. There are vocal local campaigns to increase the percentage of oil revenue that is given to the local community. Eket as a ethnic group comprise of Eket, Esit Eket, Ibeno and Onna L.G.As.

The Eket people living in this region have number around one million, and form a sub-group of the Ibibio people. Eket is the name of the main sub-language that they speak, a Benue-Congo language.

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