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Jobs in Duma | Job Opportunities in Duma

Duma is an Arabic word and a small sized entity of Syrian districts. Duma has an elevation of 428 meters high from the sea level covered with beautiful green mountains and enough underground reserves. There is an estimated population of 197,679 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2009 and declaring it the 9th populous city of Syria. Duma city is occupied by conservative Muslim inhabitants who are very rigid in their beliefs and intend to act like the preaching of Islam. There is also reasonable strength of minorities in the town therefore many catholic churches come across the way to the central highway. It is situated just 20 km away from Damascus and is fully inspired by its Islamic culture. Several Islamic research centers are in operation in Duma to attract the youth for Islamic studies.

Duma’s economy mainly relies on different manufacturing concerns and industrial growth. Apart from commercial earning, tourism and wild life care is a main attraction for the tourists that support its national income in huge quantity on annual basis. Cotton products and stain less steel is processed in the Duma city on large scales whereas mining and agriculture sector is on second priority of the tenants.

There is wide range of tourist attractions in Duma city including Qalaat, Al Mouhammadiya, Great Mosque, Jami al Hayaat, the snake mosque, Al Nouri mosque, Azem Palace, The place de la Liberty, Serial bridge and The four Norias of Bishriatt. Educated students of different fields can avail numerous job opportunities offered with excellent salary package for degree holders of information technology, sales and marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences.

Jobs in Duma

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