Jobs in Diyarbakir

Jobs in Diyarbakir | Job Opportunities in Diyarbakir

Diyarbakir is the largest city in southeastern Turkey located on the shores of the River Tigris administrated by Diyarbakir Province. By population it is considered as the second biggest town of the Turkey having more than 690,000 inhabitants after Gaziantep. Diyarbakir is well known for its culture of folklore and watermelons. During the period of 66 AD, Diyarbakir was called Amida, ruled by the Roman Empire and during 189 BC to 384 AD ruled by a kingdom Corduene. By the 19th century, Armenian inhabitants were referring to the city as Dikranagerd and left an impact on its culture carrying customs & traditions of ancient times. Diyarbakir has encouraged many small scaled industry engaged in making handicrafts and jewelry. Folk dancing with the hollow drums and zurna pipe is commonly performed on weddings and in family gatherings.

Hotels and restaurants in Diyarbakir provide variety of international savor in delicious lamb liver & kidneys with bitter spices i.e. black pepper, sumac and coriander, rice, bulgur and butter on reasonable price. Visitors love to spend some time of their trip among these spots and capture photo shoots of river banks. Natural resorts and amended amusement parks are mainly targeted by the foreigner travelers that are facilitated with all the recreational and camping equipments.

Diyarbakir is covered by an intact dramatic set of high walls comprising upon black basalt circle around the city with four huge main gates built in antiquity and act as a boundary wall of the city to avoid the external threats and war attacks. Education standard of the city is mandatory for all to attain at least secondary school certificate. Variety of job opportunities is available in the city for the graduates in information technology, sales and marketing, accounting section and management sciences.

Jobs in Diyarbakir

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Diyarbakir

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Diyarbakir

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Diyarbakir

Management & Administration Jobs in Diyarbakir


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