Jobs in Diriamba

Jobs in Diriamba | Job opportunities in Diriamba

Diriamba is a metropolis in the Carazo subdivision of Nicaragua administrating almost 63,200 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2008. Officially and geographically Diriamba is situated in the west of Jinotepe. It is one of the most important and pleasing community in the country where weather climate remain always pleasant and attract most of the tourists in its society to explore the natural beauty and attractive locations for recreation in the region. Annual festival of San Sebastian is main place where loads of national and international people come and participate and at the same time local businesses and selling points of the Diriamba town also earn much. The township is bordered by hills having dry and moderate temperature and different coffee field and neighboring Rivers provide an ideal view and scenery.

It is one of the major Christian population townships in the country and numerous Church building and religion gathering points at Diriamba provide an easy access to the entire population to come and offer their prayers and religious activities with the full liberty of speech as well. Proper democratic environment is observed in the society and most of the people take part in the scheduled elections to cast their respective votes for choosing the deserving leadership in the country. Literacy ratio of the Diriamba town is about 64% so it is highly needed to increase the same rate and provide loads of facilities and features in the study campuses of Diriamba.

Lakes, water based activities, sports, annual festivals and night spots of the Diriamba town are main source of attraction for the international visitors whereas first time visitors of Diriamba gets a quality of time while staying in the night resorts and hotels of Nicaragua. Overall employment in the city is also good and favorable for graduates and master degree holders.

Jobs in Diriamba

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