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Jobs in Diourbel | Job Opportunities in Diourbel

Diourbel is a settlement in Senegal located in the east of Thies communities and at the same time it is considered one of most commercial, trading and income generating city of the country having loads of factories, industries, trading markets and different opportunities for the producers and investors in Diourbel. Diourbel is very famous among other communities and nearby locations of the country owing to its famous historic mosque and groundnut industry. An estimated population of Diourbel is recorded about 215,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. People of the city are living a reasonable life style with attractive per capita income, GDP and national income of the city providing an ideal and relaxed life style to the population. Most of the population love to work for private employers in Senegal whilst rest of the people care for government employment due to end service benefits.

Diourbel town is linked with many other towns and nations with the help of an attractive and reasonably good traveling modes and network of roads, highways and super ways. Commercial bus services, private vehicles like taxis, cabs, autos and railway network play an important role to provide a safe and secure facility in Diourbel. River Side and the Niger Railway are major supportive sectors of eh city providing an ideal revenue collection source for a growing nation in Senegal.

Construction industry of Diourbel is very busy sector producing wide range of mega construction master pieces like public places, shopping malls, theaters, night clubs and disco centers of Diourbel offering a great recreational part and amusement opportunities. There are many old historic and religious buildings and monuments providing a pure source of information and research to the students of history and mining.

Jobs in Diourbel

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