Jobs in Dhangadhi

Jobs in Dhangadhi | Job opportunities in Dhangadhi

Dhangadhi is a municipality in western Nepal and borders to Indian locality. Historic and ancient data of the city is linked with the 2033 B.S and is sub divided into 14 wards for better administration control. There are 97,447 people recorded in the community of the Dhangadhi as per national population census conducted during 2009. The annual population growth rate of Dhangadhi is observed and recorded on the bases of last few years around 5.26%. In terms of population size Dhangadhi is ranked as the ninth major and highly crowded community of the country. It is connected with different cities and communities of the Nepal by means of different traveling modes and facilities like commercial buses, railway network and air routes. Financial position of the city is on growth stage and most of the population is linked with private service and government authorities and most of the income is collected from agricultural growth.

Dhangadhi is the official and major business hubs of Nepal having many small and major businesses and production units of numerous commodities like textile products, chemical processing units and FMCG goods having high demand in the entire nation and at the same time hire different professionals and employees. Dhangadhi has different healthcare units and medical centers like Seti Zonal Hospital, Navjeevan Hospital and many more.

There are different educational places and learning spots of the city offering great learning trends and educational courses to the community. Literacy rate of the city is gradually increasing. Some of the main educational places and institutes offering better jobs and numerous trends include Kailali Multiple Campus, Sudur Paschimanchal Campus, Aishwarya Multiple Campus, Dhangadhi Engineering College and Bhageswor Academy for Health Science.

Jobs in Dhangadhi

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