Jobs in Dayr az Zawr

Jobs in Dayr az Zawr | Job Opportunities in Dayr az Zawr

Dayr az Zawr is a sixth city of Syria generally spelled as Dayr az-Zawr, situated in northeastern Syria beside the Euphrates River. It is the capital city of Deir ez-Zor Governorate and just 445 km away from the capital of Damascus. As per national census conducted during 2009, it is estimated that there are around 400,000 inhabitants in the metropolitan area of Dayr az Zawr. The city remained under control by Ottoman Empire, Romans, Armenian Genocide and France from time to time but considered as the largest target of Armenians who were killed during Armenian Genocide. During 1921, France government took over the charge of the area and reformed a new way of government that ended up after the arrival of British forces in 1940. During Roman times, Dayr az Zawr was an important trading point between the Roman Empire and present India.

Dayr az Zawr city and its rural adjacent towns are very fertile and rich farming areas of the entire Syria focusing on livestock breeding, cereals and cotton crops. Major mining industries have been working in the city after the detection of light crude petroleum & salt mines in Syrian wasteland. Apart from agricultural and mining, Dayr az Zawr is very popular among tourists to explore the natural beauty with countless tourist facilities i.e. French style riverbank hotels, trans desert travel and air routes.

Education standards of the Dayr az Zawr town are also on growing stage and it is predicted that coming decade will produce intellectuals of different fields i.e. information technology, sales and marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences. Presently there is huge shortfall in the skilled category of mentioned fields, therefore, skilled graduates of different fields can apply and get handsome jobs with excellent career growth.

Jobs in Dayr az Zawr

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Dayr az Zawr

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Dayr az Zawr

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Dayr az Zawr

Management & Administration Jobs in Dayr az Zawr


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