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Jobs in Dawei | Job opportunities in Dawei

Dawei is a metropolis in southeastern Myanmar and is ranked as the capital state of the Tanintharyi Region situated around 613 km of Yangon beside the flowing Dawei River. There are nearly 239 900 people recorded in the community as per national population census conducted during 2009. There are different religion gatherings and population groups residing since so long and spend their time in proper and perfect religion liberty. Dawei is connected by other cities and areas of the country by means of better commercial bus services of the society charming nominal fare in return and providing attractive, safe and swift traveling features in the society of Dawei. Dawei Airport is graded as a better air route channel in the city and on the other hand accommodates wide range of civil aviation staff, security staff, cabin crews, pilots and other air forces jobs and vacancies in the city of Dawei.

The Myanmar Port Authority has contacts Italian firms to construct an underground bottomless sea port at Dawei and it is predicted that this project will be the pioneer one in the history and will shift the entire trading burden in its own channels and eventually most of the new jobs, businesses and trading industries will grow rapidly in the city of Dawei and will bring peace, happiness and better chances to grow and earn in the society. There are many ideal and beautiful recreational places in the city of Dawei.

There are various recreational places and leisure spots in the city of Dawei that attracts a large number local and international traveler and visitors around Maungmagan Beach, hot water springs, The reclining Buddha, Dawei Hope, Dawei Education College, Dawei University, Technological University and Computer University of Dawei.

Jobs in Dawei

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