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David is a city of west Panama and attains the status of capital of the Chiriqui province. An estimated population of David city is 294,500 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2007. Construction style of the city is very simple and majority of the residential building is made of concrete and bricks. The Pan American Highway is a trendy route leading to David. The city of David occupies an average land area of 177 km2 with a widespread official language of Spanish. Majority of the inhabitants love to reside in single family system instead of joint family system just to have their own privacy. Government of David has banned to construct multistoried buildings in the region except of few commercial buildings ranging from 4~5 stories.

North section of the David town is considered as the richest block of the city where majority of the investors, media and burro crate resides. The city is remarked as the biggest commercial center of the Panama and rank on number third in common survey of industries conducted during 2005. Agriculture and cattle growing is very common in the neighboring villages of the David. Majority of the farmers grow sheep, buffalos, cows and domestic animals for producing milk and meet for commercial use. David is the leading financial center of Panama due to multiple national banks and financial institutes available in the area since so long.

David’s location in south central Chiriqui Province make it very prominent for the foreign tourists who love to visit its lakes, coast, Boquete and the mountains. Volcan Baru is a main tourist’s attraction in Panama. There are also several job opportunities for the skilled graduates of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and administrative sciences. Selected candidates enjoy a lucrative career growth and competitive market based salary structure.

Jobs in David

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