Jobs in Dasoguz

Jobs in Dasoguz | Job Opportunities in Dasoguz

Daşoguz is a municipality in northern Turkmenistan and the official capital town of Dasoguz territory of the country. History of the city is very old and lined with the Stone Age and Bronze Aged groups of the region and still there are many signs and presentations of the cultural aspects in its traditions and trends of Dasoguz. It is placed at 43° North and about 89 meters high above the sea level that provide an attractive weather climate in the city. Official boundaries and geographical surrounding of the township include Nukus, Uzbekistan Dasoguz. Presently it is a bigger city of the country in Turkmenistan and administrates more than 266,500 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. Silk Road of China and Russian confederation made it easy for the entire traders to explore the new international markets for good business relations and to promote its local productions in the worldwide markets.

Transportation modes and channels widely used in the city of Dasoguz include commercial bus services that cover almost all the small and major stop over points of the Dasoguz to facilitate daily travelers, students and traders from one destination so Turkmenistan to another, Railway network that is pretty good in its presentation and made it possible for long travelers to come in short while and major airline companies of the city that has provided an easy access to the entire country in few minutes and less time consuming manners of Dasoguz.

It is a best tourist attraction among other cities and towns of the nation and loads of new travelers and visitors love to come and explore its natural and historic beauty that made it prominent enough for UNESCO world heritage site and included in their respective category list. Dasoguz has many jobs in its locality for the professionals of teachers, doctors, engineering’s and software programmers and developers with attractive career growth.

Jobs in Dasoguz

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Dasoguz

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Dasoguz

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Dasoguz

Management & Administration Jobs in Dasoguz


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