Jobs in Darayya

Jobs in Darayya | Job Opportunities in Darayya

Syria is a country of different small and major cities and towns in its administration and most of the cities and towns in the country are dependent of its agricultural growth and industrial up rise but due to lack of several resources most of the cities and towns in Syria are presently on the right growth track. Darayya is a historic city and cultural vicinity in the country that has a medium sized population but its population size is rapidly increasing during last few years. Darayya is scenery of Damascus province in the region of Syria and it is one of the most important trading and social towns that provide different income generation options and industrial opportunities for the technical and mechanical type job seekers in Darayya. There are more than 100,000 people residing in the community and half of the population is directly linked with the industries and self employed small scaled businesses.

Till 14tjh century it was totally a neglected and under development towns of the nation but in the 19th century many developments were made in the society of Darayya and present location and glimpse of a modern town was observed during 20th century when Darayya was equipped with different modern technologies and ways of utilization in the life. Education sector of the city is on growth stage and needs much concentration and devotion of the teachers and parents to increase its literacy ratio.

There are different public places but not a proper source of revenue collection due to lack of proper maintenance and government administration of its public parks. Darayya has a growing potential for different jobs and employment opportunities in the increasing industries and textile sector producing different production orders of garment and of woven products in Darayya.

Jobs in Darayya

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