Jobs in Dar es Salaam

Jobs in Dar es Salaam | Job Opportunities in Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania considered as the richest city & an economic center of Tanzania. Dar es Salaam is truly a secretarial province and consists upon three main governments Kinondoni, Ilala and Temeke. It contains more than 2,497,940 inhabitants as per national census conducted in 2002. In 1974 the city lost status of capital to Dodoma but still considered as the main bureaucratic region for the surroundings of Dar es Salaam. Initially the city was considered as a small fishing town used for hunting and scuba diving. Later on with the technical advancements in the infrastructure, Dar es Salaam got boom in economic development and came into existence with a new town famous for its industrial sector.

Dar es Salaam is situated near the warm Indian ocean therefore contains stifling climatic generally hot & humid throughout the year whereas plenty of rainfalls are also observed during the months of August & September. Dar es Salaam is situated on a natural harbor of the Indian Ocean, therefore, Tanzanian transportation system is well organized comprising upon main railways, several highways and air route beside the city. Construction business is rapidly growing in the area that provides numerous job opportunities to the skilled manpower.

Steady economic growth of the city entice many neighboring countries to relocate in the city of Dar es Salaam to avail good business opportunities and relaxed working environment offered with good pay perks. Government is also taking keen interest to introduce new earning sectors i.e. manufacturing concerns of steel, metal, leather and textile. Education sector of the city is quite reasonable and entails numerous academic programs according to the requirements and interest of the students in Tanzania.

Jobs in Dar es Salaam

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