Jobs in Dangara

Jobs in Dangara | Job Opportunities in Dangara

Dangara is a 9th major and foremost city of the country in Tajikistan that is located beside the Danube community and controls about 92,000 people in its administration. Previously the city of Dangara was a small fishing town where mostly shipbuilding and maintenance works remained in process but with the passage of time many developments came in the city and provided the township with modern techniques and trends in Dangara. Information technology, chemical processing mining firms and light industry of Dangara are major employment areas of the nation as well as considered major income contributors in its national annual revenue as well as GDP and per capita income. It is needed in the society to create most of the products that are high in demand in the western markets to earn more and more foreign capital in return and to establish its export volume more attractively.

There are many private and state run schools and colleges in the city of Dangara offering state of the art education services and learning approaches to the enrolled students. With the wide use of computer technology and telecommunication devices mostly students love to study about engineering and developmental fields life IT or engineering and at the same time both fields are graded most income oriented professions in Dangara. It is well said that Dangara community is more education oriented as compare to other cities and towns of the Tajikistan are.

There are different public places and fun time destinations in the city of Dangara like national park, national museum of Dangara, art council and exhibition centers of Dangara, silk route, Tamara tower, clock tower and Salina Rocks. In short it is god place to roam around containing almost all the major attractions and fun time in its possession.

Jobs in Dangara

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