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Jobs in Dakar | Job Opportunities in Dakar

Dakar is a capital city of Senegal placed at the Cap-Vert Peninsula. It is the foremost major city of Senegal on the western edge of Africa used as a passage for Trans Atlantic and European trade. Major Dakar port is an important aspect of its economic stability. According to official population census 2009, 1.9 million inhabitants are recorded on ground. It is a key administrative centre and Senegal’s President’s Palace. The slave trade was eradicated by France in 1791 and strong law practice was incorporated. Dakar city was developed in 18th century rapidly. A main seaport and telegraph line was established next to the coastline. During 1132, Dakar Saint Louis railway was accomplished to facilitate majority of the daily travelers. In 1902 a second railroad by the name of Dakar Niger was linked to Bamako.

Battle of Dakar in 1940 destroyed its infrastructure and disturbed its economy but consistent efforts by the government has regained its lost position and ranked the city as wealthy city of the country. Major industries in Dakar include mining, cement, artificial fertilizer, chemicals and Textile. Unemployment rate in the city is very low and mostly the entire youngster gets job in Textile and Cement industries on good wage. Dakar is also a main financial center and home of numerous national and regional banks including BCEAO, international organizations, NGOs and research centers. Majority of the Lebanon people is in power and controls the leading government positions.

Tourists love to explore the beauty of Dakar including markets, Dakar Grand Mosque, Dakar Cathedral, Goree Island, IFAN Museum African Renaissance Monument, cliff top walks and beaches. Several job options remain open for skilled manpower of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences with competitive salary structure.

Jobs in Dakar

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Dakar

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Dakar

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Dakar

Management & Administration Jobs in Dakar


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