Jobs in Daejeon

Jobs in Daejeon | Job Opportunities in Daejeon

Daejeon is a third major city of the town containing 212,315 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2007. Daejeon is 416 meters high above the sea level and contain humid climate. Major economy supporting sectors of the town are agriculture, salt mining, manufacturing of health care equipments and tourism. The city has ancient roots with the 02nd century. Inhabitants of the city are very hard working and keen about their future therefore they are observed as working like machines to earn more and more income to reduce their worldly frustrations. During July, 1950, Daejeon city was destroyed during a worst battle between United States and North Korean that crushed the economic structure of the town. Recently the situation is quite changed and Daejeon is observed as stabled economy state.

Government of the South Korea includes a visionary leadership that has strong future plans to stable the nation and make it wealthiest among others. Educational plans and relaxed & enticing foreign trade policy attract numerous industrialists to come and invest in the city. Several big giants of the trade comprising upon Hitachi, Samsung and Motorola are operating in the town. Daejeon is considered as the major town of educational institutes producing hundreds of degree holders annually having strong grip on their subject i.e. information technology, sales and marketing accounting and finance, management and administrative sciences.

River banks of the Daejeon city are linked with numerous amusement parks and natural resorts fully equipped with the latest & trendy facilities for the visitors. Foreigner visitors love to stay in such resorts to avail hunting and sailing facilities. Night life of the town is reasonably attractive for the youngsters due to affordable options and certain discount packages for the permanent members. Industrial sector of the Daejeon city has announced several job opportunities for the skilled graduate of different technologies. Selected candidate enjoy a lucrative career and relaxed working environment.

Jobs in Daejeon

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Daejeon

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Daejeon

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Daejeon

Management & Administration Jobs in Daejeon


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