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Jobs in Constanta | Job Opportunities in Constanta

Constanta is the oldest city in Romania explored for the first time in 602 BC. It is situated in the Dobruja region on the Black Sea. Constanta is the capital of Constanta County having an estimated population of 498,895 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. Geographically the city of Constanta is considered as a forest surrounded city esteemed with wild life species. Historical background of the Constanta is very old and presents the ancient glimpse from its monarchy. The Constanta metropolitan area comprises upon more than 14 localities situated just 31 km from the capital city and occupies an average land area of 596 KM square. The Port of Constanta is a major commercial center of the Romania engaging majority of the local residents in employment and earning huge foreign capital annually.

Constanta sea port connects several neighboring cities and European markets for healthy business relation. There are few Myths about the discovery of the Constanta city as one strong belief of the region is that Aeetes inhabitant discovered the city by chance during the sailing trip of European countries. There is another statement of historic leaders that Constanta was discovered by the Romans during 28 BC. Presently Constanta attains the status of a major industrial, commercial and tourist centers in Romania and statistics of 2008 declared the city as well stable city of Romania.

Constanta city has various tourist attractions in its geography including The Roman Mosaics, The Genoese Lighthouse, The Casino, The House with Lions, The Archeology Park, St. Peter & Paul Orthodox Cathedral, The Great Mahmudiye Mosque and The Fantasio Theatre. It was recorded in 2008 that almost 200,000 foreigners visited the city of Constanta to explore its natural resorts and beach houses. There are several earning and job opportunities for the degree holders of numerous technologies including information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and administrative sciences with excellent pay perks.

Jobs in Constanta

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