Jobs in Cluj-Napoca

Jobs in Cluj-Napoca | Job Opportunities in Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca is the fourth major populated city in Romania. Geographically it bordered with Bucharest, Budapest and Belgrade. It lies beside the Somesul Mic River valley. As per national population census conducted during 2008 declared that there are more than 506,009 inhabitants in the city and occupies an average land area of 326 kilo meters square. Majority of the local tenants belongs to Christianity. After 14th century, Cluj-Napoca city expanded rapidly towards all sides. Presently it is considered as one of the important academic, cultural, industrial and business centers in Romania. It holds the largest university of the country in its land area and facilitates thousands of students annually. Economy of the city is reasonably good. Majority of the multinational companies and banks are functioning in Cluj-Napoca and add up in its national income noticeably high.

An international survey conducted by an American magazine reports that a good deal of IT activity is performed in Cluj-Napoca and quickly fitting in Romania’s techno polis. Nokia manufacturing unit of Cluj-Napoca is a major employer of the city engaging more than 130,000 residents in employment. A Road transportation system of the city is very good and facilitates majority of the traders to connect with well known cities of Romania. Education level of the city is pretty good. Numerous educational institutes provide quality of education with affordable fee structure.

Hotel industry of the Cluj-Napoca is on mature stage and provides all the requirements in time to the customer and visitors. Variety of food and touring facilities are offered on affordable price. There are several job opportunities for the talented and qualified graduates of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and administrative sciences in Cluj-Napoca. Relaxed working environment and end service benefits retain the employs for a longer period in industry.

Jobs in Cluj-Napoca

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Cluj-Napoca

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Cluj-Napoca

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Cluj-Napoca

Management & Administration Jobs in Cluj-Napoca


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