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Jobs in Chung Shih | Job Opportunities in Chung Shih

Tai chung Shih is a city of Taiwan situated in west central Taiwan having more than one Million population to declare it the third major city after Taipei and Kaohsiung. Tai chung Shih has a warm & humid climate with an average temperature of 24.0 °C and moderate annual rainfalls. With the passage of time there were many changes in the present name of the city as in past it was famous by the names of Taiwanese aborigines, millet and taro having number of inhabitants involved with the profession of hunting wild animals for sack of meat & their precious body parts. During 17th century present city was formed. The city has ancient roots and cultural adaptation of the age of 15th century. Tai Chung Shih is well admired by the beauty of its natural worth seeing sights and rich rivers esteemed with plentiful natural resources.

Dajia River is a place used for camping and fishing in the deep waters whereas mining experts of the Taiwan intend to dive for searching precious metals and wild species underground. Tai Chung Shih has a pulsating, dissimilar economy that includes traditional businesses, small family shops and numerous factories on large industrial areas. All the industrial products are manufactured locally but due to excellent quality, the same is exported to the neighboring and European markets to earn huge foreign capital.

There are certain tourist attractions in the city comprising upon National Museum of Fine Arts, National Museum of Natural Science (NMNS), Municipal Cultural Center, Taichung Folklore Park, Taichung Winery, Stock 20 & Wenying Hall, Zhongshan Hall, Wenxin Forest Park and Confucius Temple. Education sector is on its mature stage and produce intellectuals in different fields i.e. information technology, sales and marketing, accounting & finance and administrative science that are engaged with excellent pay perks & lucrative fringe benefits.

Jobs in Chung Shih

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