Jobs in Chongjin

Jobs in Chongjin | Job opportunities in Chongjin

Chongjin is the official capital town of the North Hamgyong prefecture and is ranked as the third major town in terms of its population size containing nearly 300,000 in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. Chongjin is placed in the northeast of North Korea and being bordered by the Hamgyong constituency, Korea Bay, Sea of Japan and Sosongchon River. Water reservoirs of the community are pretty good to support in its best irrigation systems. Rice and wheat are foremost production crops of the city and pulses, vegetables and soybean are major income generating products of the city. Local villagers of Chongjin produce different meet, chicken and animal products. National Economy and financial status of the cantonment is pretty good and provides an excellent life style to the general public of Chongjin due to loads of inform generating projects, developmental tasks and numerous investment and growth opportunities equally available for the entire public of Chongjin.

Some of the major industries and income generating projects in the city of Chongjin include shipyard industry, locomotive plants in Chongjin and a rubber factory. Apart from the mentioned areas and products mainly produced in the city of Chongjin there is many other high income generating channels of the city including but not limited to Chemical Textile Co., Coal Mine and Kimchaek Iron & Steel units.

While discussing about the recreational spots and fun time places of the city in Chongjin, it is well said that there are many beautiful parks, public places, night clubs and disco centers of the city offering excellent recreational opportunities to the general public. Present employment market of the city is good and providing different high paid jobs to the job seekers of Chongjin. Information technology, marketing and financial managers are high in demand in the entire employment areas of the country.

Jobs in Chongjin

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Chongjin

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Chongjin

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