Jobs in Chon Buri

Jobs in Chon Buri | Job Opportunities in Chon Buri

Chonburi is a famous city of Thailand that is bordered by the beautiful landscapes of Chachoengsao, Chanthaburi and Rayong regions. Gulf of Thailand is covering the city of Chon Buri in its left wide and provides most of the land area with loads of industries, factories and mill site. There are many heavily industrialized plants working and making different industrial products having high demand in the western markets with high profit margins and these factories and mills are also providing major job positions and vacant vacancies to the talented and qualifying students of Thailand against good pay perks and end service benefits at the same time provide an equal and instant rise in its national income and GDP of Chon Buri. Other major income generation sources of the city are linked with its shipping, transportation, tourism and manufacturing units producing biggest production orders.

The word Chon is derived from the language of Sanskrit meaning as water and buri means city and thus is pronounciated as land of waters due to excessive water availability and abundance of related activities in the region. Chon Buri is positioned beside the Bay of Bangkok, Gulf of Thailand and Khao Khiao Mountain that provide an excellent and ideal tourism place of the country. City wise developments are also good and people of the community in Chon Buri lives a happy and peaceful life.

There are various beautiful attractions and fun time places of the Chon Buri town including but not limited to Wat Yansangwararam, Wat Khao Phra Phutthabat Bang Sai, and Buddha’s footprint, Wat Yai Inthraram, Mueang Chon Buri Temnple, Phra Phutthaishing Shrine, silver House, Wat Thammanimit, Ang Sila, Wihan Thep Sathit Phra, Khao Sam Muk, and Bang Saen Beach. Ko Kham Underwater Park is also a major and frequently visiting destination of the community in Chon Buri.

Jobs in Chon Buri

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