Jobs in Chimoio

Jobs in Chimoio | Job opportunities in Chimoio

Chimoio is the official capital state and community of the Manica region in Mozambique and in terms of population size and larger bench it is graded and ranked as the fifth principal metropolis in Mozambique. It remained a warship community during Portuguese administration that laid a proper foundation for a perfect market system, trading system and introduced loads of societal tasks and civilized administration for better control of the growing community in the country. The major income generation channels and areas of larger annual income include agricultural activities in Chimoio along with the textiles centers and woven manufacturing plants making a large production orders for knitted and woven product having high demand in the western markets and due to easy labor force availability and utilization of raw materials in Chimoio mostly industries and firms love to start their operations from the land areas of Chimoio.

Chimoio is linked with the other cities and communities of world by means of railway line, roads and highways providing an easily approach towards entire cities and sections of the Mozambique. There are eight primary schools, three middle schools and six high schools in the city of Chimoio offering entire essential subjects and models of science and arts to the students according to their choice and demand for further education. Due to keen interest of the government overall literacy rat and educational standards of Chimoio are gradually improving day by day.

After gaining independence Chimoio started a proper way of success sand formed its own system and trade policies to make the city of Chimoio as a min community and major industrial units of the region. Present industrial up rise has created various new jobs and vacant positions in Chimoio for the professionals of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences with high pay perks and career rewards.

Jobs in Chimoio

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Chimoio

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Chimoio

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Chimoio

Management & Administration Jobs in Chimoio


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