Jobs in Chiclayo

Jobs in Chiclayo | Job Opportunities in Chiclayo

Chiclayo is the capital city of the Lambayeque region of northern Peru. It is situated 14 kilometers away from the Pacific coast and 750 kilometers from the Lima city. During 15th century Spanish inhabitants conquered the city and laid a foundation of present culture. Spanish craftsmen and artisans scratched several rocks and made numerous ancients sculptures that are still the major attraction for the tourists. During 16thcentury, city was awarded with a title of “Heroic City” that remained popular till the independence from Spanish rulers. Presently Chiclayo is considered foremost urban areas of Peru and attains the status of fourth major city of the country. It is estimated that there are more than 674,408 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2008. There are six major municipalities in Chiclayo city.

Chiclayo city is considered as principal education town and contains numerous private academic institutes offering several educational modules in affordable fee structure. Some of the reputed institutes in Chiclayo are Catholic University of Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo, SeƱor de Sipan University, Private University of Chiclayo, University of Lambayeque and San Martin. Tourism industry of the city is on peek and entices thousands of the tourists annually to come and explore the beauty of the town. Archeological monuments, ecotourism in the Peruvian Amazon, cultural tourism in colonial cities, gastronomic tourism, adventure tourism, and beach tourism engage fun lovers during holidays and on vacations to earn huge foreign revenue.

Mining industry of Chiclayo is a biggest employer of the city offering numerous jobs to the skilled graduates of information technology, sales and marketing, accounting and finance and management sciences with excellent salary package & lucrative service benefits. Major commerce & trade of the Chiclayo city is with Chile, Argentina, Peru, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Canada, and Italy.

Jobs in Chiclayo

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Sales & Marketing Jobs in Chiclayo

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