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Jobs in Callao | Job Opportunities in Callao

Callao is the biggest and most significant port in Peru. Callao is situated in the west of Lima and considered as the capital city of the country. The city has a biggest part of the Lima Metropolitan having one third of Peru’s total population. Callao city is surrounded by Lima Province on the north, east and south and the Pacific Ocean on its west. Spanish colonists laid the foundation of the city in 1538 and sooner it became the major seaport of Spanish commerce in the entire globe. Main trade of Peru is with Bolivia, Argentina and Panama as well as Spain and Cuba. Callao is structured on the wealthiest region of the country in the district of La Punta.

There is a great naval base in Callao that is very famous for its prison history in the world. Its prison holds several leaders and burro crates of the time and treats them according to law and order. Callao has more than a few islands including San Lorenzo, El Fronton, the Cavinzas and the Palominos. Several wild species, sea lions and sea birds are observed in this area providing a real scenic view to the tourists. There are two major cabinets of the government having certain assigned targets and goals to achieve during their ruling period.

Callao is separated by six districts including Bellavista, Callao, Carmen de la Legua Reynoso, La Perla, La Punta and Ventanilla. Economic structure of the city is reliant of industrial growth and tourism of the Peru and Callao is blessed with plenty of tourist attractions. Industrial sector of the town has announced several job opportunities for the graduates of information technology, sales and marketing, accounting and finance and management sciences with good pay perks.

Jobs in Callao

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Callao

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Callao

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Callao

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