Jobs in Byumba

Jobs in Byumba | Job Opportunities in Byumba

Byumba is a city of northern Rwanda and capital of Gicumbi district. An estimated population of the city is almost 90,000 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2010 and occupies a total land area of 110 KM square. Byumba is mixed cultural city having several nationalities in its kingdom. Present form of government is purely democratic and people have full liberty to express or share their views about any one. Byumba lies 69 km in the north of Kigali city and has friendly foreign trade policy to attract foreigner investors. Healthy international relation with the developed nations, Byumba enjoys a stable economic infrastructure. City is mainly reliant of agriculture, industrial growth and petroleum products processed in the town. It is blessed with the dense forest having a large variety of wild species roaming to and from.

Major businesses of the Byumba are construction, crafting, furniture manufacturing and social mobilization projects funded by IMF and World Bank. Micro financing institutes engage small scaled businessmen in huge sectors to grow and expand their business with borrower friendly credit facilities. It is assumed that coming few years will change the glimpse of industrial sector in Byumba due to major technological expansions. Education standard of the city is reasonably good and much supportive for the intelligent students.

Tourism industry of the Byumba is also contributing a lot in the economic development and entice majority of the visitors annually to explore the natural beauty. Hilly resorts capture main attraction of the foreigner tourist who love hiking and sailing in deep waters. Tourist spots in Byumba are equipped with the latest facilities of camping and scuba diving. Continuous expansions in industrial reformation have created various job opportunities for skilled graduates of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences.

Jobs in Byumba

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Byumba

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Byumba

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Byumba

Management & Administration Jobs in Byumba


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