Jobs in Boshkengash

Jobs in Boshkengash | Job Opportunities in Boshkengash

Boshkengash is and unattended community and city of Tajikistan that is bordered by the Afghanistan and has good relations with its neighboring cities but overall potential and position is not favorable. It is officially located in the districts of Khatlon that is mainly remembered as a service industrial town of the country. there are more than 60,000 people residing in the city as per national population census and the city is expanding towards al its four corners but the progress and success of the economy is not matching with the increased population therefore it is the alarming situation for government authorities to created an design a new industrial channel for income generation in Boshkengash. Most people grow small scaled farming crops like vegetables and pulses to meet the present shortfall of the city.

It is served by a developing roads network and railway facilities are also provided to the community. Mostly people travel in Boshkengash by commercial buses whereas affording people travel by self driven vehicles. It is served by a better network of healthcare and medical facilities and talented teams of paramedical staff remain operative round the clock. Boshkengash is developing rapidly due to numerous increase of annual budget and with the invention and installations of computer systems, internet and telecommunication channels mostly of the people are employed in different jobs.

There are different shopping malls and public places available in the city of Boshkengash offering a large variety of textile goods, FMCG products and almost all the daily use products. Night clubs and hotels of Boshkengash present an attractive and fun time picture due to large crowd of adult and young girls and boys. Private industries engage most of the computer experts and accounting personnel in attractive job vacancies of Boshkengash.

Jobs in Boshkengash

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Boshkengash

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Boshkengash

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Boshkengash

Management & Administration Jobs in Boshkengash

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