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Bonny is a town and a Local Government Area in Rivers State in southeast Nigeria, on the Bight of Biafra. The city was also the capital of the Kingdom of Bonny (the land of the Ibani or Eastern Ijaw). Historically it was a main trading post of the Ijaw people. A small island situated just offshore, Bonny Island, is a main export point for oil. The city and the regions around produces a type of crude oil known as Bonny Light oil. Much of the oil extracted onshore in Rivers State is piped to Bonny for export.

The Kingdom of Bonny was the state inhabited by Ibani people, the eastern sub-group of the Ijaw. It has a powerful launch in the 15th Century with the advent of the Portuguese and Atlantic slave trade. In the 19th Century it came under increasing pressure from the British to end the slave trade. It collapsed in the civil war of 1869.

The city has an affluent history of providing great scholars who are of religious, educational and intellectual prominence. Such great scholars are scattered far and wide both in Nigeria and abroad. These scholars comprise both indigenes of Ilorin and non-indigenes and they are nationally and internationally recognized. Some of the scholars include: Sheikh Alimi (after whom the appellation ‘Gerin Alimi’-the alias of Ilorin), Professor Abdulganeey Abdulsalam Oladosu, Dr Yahya A. Abdulkareem (Former Rector, Kwara State Polytechnic), Alfa Ahmad Temimu Ojagboro, the late Sheikh Qadi Abdulrahman Temimu, Professor Shuaib Oba Abdulraheem (Former Vice Chancellor University of Ilorin), Sheikh Ahmad Rufai Salati, Sheikh Adam Abdullahi El-Ilory, Sheikh Muhammad Kamaldeen Al-Adaby, Professor Ibrahim Agboola Gambari of the United Nations, Professor Ishaq Oloyede (Vice Chancellor, University of Ilorin), Dr. Hashir Abdulsalam and others too numerous to mention.

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