Jobs in Biratnagar

Jobs in Biratnagar | Job opportunities in Biratnagar

Biratnagar is a sub municipal borough in Nepal. In Nepali native languages its meaning is huge city therefore it is easy to understand the community may be a leading and larger one as compare to other cities and communities of Nepal. Biratnagar is the hometown of numerous influential leadership and various political formations are commonly observed having a great control and hold over the entire culture and systems. It is one of the leading power generation center and community in the country that has different industrial concerns and manufacturing units. It has rich and fertile land area of the nation mainly used for different income generation channels and activities of the city agricultural concerns, growing of expensive crops and trading of the related commodities for better income collection. Biratnagar is linked with the other cities and areas of the country by means of better network of highways, Roads and air travels.

Most of the time air routes are mainly preferred by the affording people whereas frequently used channel for sack of safe and swift traveling in Biratnagar, trains and commercial bus services are used that cover almost all the small and major stop over points of the city and provide swift traveling services. The major mode of transport to the city is road transport. It is well connected to other parts of the country through buses.

Tourism industry of the Biratnagar is another major income collection source of the city that attracts loads of national and international travelers to come and visit the most historic and attractive places in the city of Biratnagar. There are many private and state run schools and college of Biratnagar providing best educational services and employment vacancies for the job seekers of Nepal at Purbanchal University, Mahendra Morang Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University Post Graduate College and Nobel Medical College.

Jobs in Biratnagar

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