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Jobs in Bergen | Job Opportunities in Bergen

Bergen is the second largest city in the kingdom of Norway and is the most important port. Bergen also served as the capital city of the Norwegian state during 12th and 13th centuries. Bergen has also its deep history like Norway’s current capital city Oslo. It was founded by King Olaf-III in 1070 AD. May be Bergen’s destiny or fate was not good in the past and the real bad time started on this marvelous city in 14th century when German Hanseatic League’s representatives gained control over the economy and the trade of the city and this continued till 16th century. During this time and even afterwards, Bergen was fired and destructed by many ways and the good thing is that every time this city got destroyed, every time world saw and new Bergen.

Bergen is also known as the Gateway to the Fjords and is a great attractive, calm and peaceful city because of its pleasant climate and weather. UNESCO graded Bergen as one of its heritage site because of the most amazing seven fountains surrounding the city from three sides and giving a look of a rainbow. Bergen earned a name as one of the most important city of Norway because of its established sea-port and potential for high scaled fishing industry establishment and growth.

Because of a natural asset, the sea-port, Bergen has a natural potential to base its economy on ship building, shipping and fishing. Industrialization has not much grown in this city because of the highest snowfall rate in Europe during winters. But still has huge room for creating jobs and work opportunities in services sector, shipping, ship making industry and fishing.

Jobs in Bergen

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