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Jobs in Beit Lahia | Job opportunities in Beit Lahia

Beit Lahia is a metropolitan positioned in the Jabalia community of close to Beit Hanounaccording to the national population census conducted during 2006 of Beit Lahia, it is calculated that there are around 60,540 people in the administration of Beit Lahia and during 2005 it was administrated and ruled by the Hamas party by the municipal elections. The word Beit Lahia contains the meaning of a desert featuring nation and the community is mostly surrounded by deserts, mountains of sand and and rocks of solid material making the geography as a hill town and old barren deserts. There are various surrounding sand dunes almost 181 ft high above the sea level with numerous sycamore fig trees all around the region. Most of the community in Beit Lahia is linked with different businesses and trades like fishing, sweet water, berries and citrus trees.

It has much historic data and importance for Muslim community and many old historic buildings and mosques presents the cultural values and oldest time tradition in its overall life style and general dealing. With the passage of time many developments and latest inventions are also coming in the city to comfort the daily life and professional tasks in Beit Lahia more strengthened and smooth in general operations. Students and teachers Beit Lahia focus on mental nourishment and skill development attitude in the enrolled population.

There are different malls, markets, buildings, historic sites and ruined structures in old battles that create a major source of revenue from the tourism industry around the same in Beit Lahia. Due to different political and defense systems most of the time people feel insecure in their life therefore recreational tasks and fun time destinations create a healthy change in the frustrated life of Beit Lahia.

Jobs in Beit Lahia

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