Jobs in Beit Hanoun

Jobs in Beit Hanoun | Job opportunities in Beit Hanoun

Beit Hanoun is a metropolis on the north east border of the Gaza Strip and is community based on different financial services, international and national banks, foreign NGO’s and NPOs as well as on mining firms and construction industry. Due to different nearby warship attacks and fighting region Beit Hanoun has been facing several problems in social and genera life as well as commercial and industrial sector of the community. It is geographically hilly region and has extreme climate during all the seasons. There are nearly 62,187 people recorded on its land area and majority of the people love to work in different income oriented projects of the nation. Beit Hanoun has more than dozen primary and high schools in the city offering different subjects and modes of study to accommodate wide range of working students in Beit Hanoun.

Hanoun stream is near to the city and around 7 kilometers of road distant with Sderot. It is easily accessible by road from entire region and many modern developments and underground mining products have changed the entire life style of the population with pretty facilities and benefits offered by the state authorities of Beit Hanoun. During 1948 Arab–Israeli War has caused huge destruction and unnecessary warship budgets that has slackened its financial system much in past.

There are different monuments and ruined structure causing huge attraction for fun time lovers, history lovers and researchers that love to explore its natural and most historic sites in the city of Beit Hanoun. There are more female and women that male population in the community and present age has opened equal doors of options and earning opportunities for both male and female population of Beit Hanoun for different attractive and highly paying jobs and employment options of Beit Hanoun.

Jobs in Beit Hanoun

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Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Beit Hanoun

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