Jobs in Bawshar

Jobs in Bawshar | Job Opportunities in Bawshar

Bawshar is medium sized city of Oman and considered as the fourth thick populated region of the country. It is estimated that there are more than 150,000 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2008. Bawshar has well stable economy and considered as the richest city of Oman. There are huge underground oil reserves that earn sufficient foreign returns. Apart from petroleum product of the city, quite a few manufacturing concerns of different export products are in operation. Fuel is very low priced in the city therefore it is a common trend in Bawshar to keep 08 cylinders’ vehicles. Living standard of the tenants is very admiring. Gold and mining industry of the Oman is quite busy to produce more and finest products. Oman has very friendly relations with the Islamic states of the world therefore huge foreign remittance is also a big factor behind its strong economy.

Education level in Bawshar city is quite good and often academic institutes announce discounted / free workshops for the students. Government has planned to expand its educational sector by investing huge capital. Reformation of academic research & IT centers is a great strive of this age. Students in Bawshar love to study about information technology due to huge involvement of this subject in all the fields of life.

Mining industry of the Bawshar is biggest employer of the city to engage thousands of local tenants in employment. There are several job opportunities for the skilled graduates of information technology, accounting & finance, sales & marketing and administrative sciences with reasonable salary structure and end service benefits. White color jobs are offered to the master degree holders with certain fringe benefits.

Jobs in Bawshar

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Bawshar

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Bawshar

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Bawshar

Management & Administration Jobs in Bawshar


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