Jobs in Baniyas

Jobs in Baniyas | Job Opportunities in Baniyas

Baniyas is a conurbation of Syria situated at the base of hill of Qalaat el-Marqab 54 km of Latakia and 36 km of Tartous. History and links of the city with the ancient times are very old and in the times of Iron Age and Bronze Age different symptoms of that era are observed from the underground excavations by the archeology department of Syria. Baniyas is prominent for its orchards and export of wood in different areas of the world. Mining firms and oil refineries of the state are pretty good and best income generation source of the city in Baniyas that is providing loads of new jobs and hundreds of pretty time part jobs to the students and professionals of different fields that reduce the unemployment rate reasonably good.

It is served by different roads and highways connecting the city with almost all the small and major cities and towns of the nation in Syria. Baniyas has many oil refinery plants and energy generating units providing different add ups in its energy shortfall regions of the country. Education sector of Baniyas is also good and providing attractive passing rate of the graduation and master degree holders. Multimedia offices and telecommunication studio are other news center in the city of Baniyas.

While discussing about the secondary income generating options and channels of the society in Baniyas, it is pertinent to mention tht there are different recreational places in the city of Baniyas like shopping malls offering different ladies garments and woven products, night clubs to amuse the participants in Baniyas and several fun time destinations including hotels and resorts for the honey moon couples. Tourism industry and service sector of the city frequently advertise different jobs and vacancies in the city of Syria.

Jobs in Baniyas

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