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It is also known as Bactra; in old times it was a major world city but was destroyed entirely by the Mongols. Now a days it is a small town in the province of Balkh, northern Afghanistan, about 20 kilometers northwest of the provincial capital, Mazar-e Sharif, and 74 km south of the Amu Darya, the Oxus River of antiquity. It was one of the major cities of Khorasan. The majority of people in this city speak Persian. Balkh is an old city that is well known for its cultural past and heritage. There are many suplended mosques in the city. All these mosques are beautiful pieces of architecture. Some of the favored places of attraction in the city are Shrine of Hazrat Ali or Roza Mubarik, No-Gonbad Mosque, the Mazar-e-Sharif and a lot more. Thousands of people come to these religious sites every year to offer their prayers. The Nine Domes Mosque is another remarkable attraction in the city. The shrine and mosque of Khwaja Nasr Parsa is also a notable place of attraction in the city. Other attractions in the city are Tap-e Rustam and Takht-e Rustam.

In 8th century Arabs arrived in the city and marked it as an important trade center. Alexander the Great laid foundation of a Greek colony here and later the city was known as Bactria. During the whole period of Alexander the Great, the region was known for its great wealth and glory. In the early centuries the city was also renowned for its Buddhist monasteries and stupas. Later it was immerged as the center of Islam. During the rule of the amanid Dynasty about 40 Friday mosques stood within the city. There are many restaurants and eateries in the city where one can have a very fine and treditional dinning. The restaurants serve visitors a variety of local dishes. The food served in most of the restaurants of the city is non- vegetarian. There are many shops and super marts in the city of Balkh. But what makes shopping a unique experience for all are the varied open markets and the local bazaars. People can purchase leather goods and woolen products. Traditional jewelry are also bought by many. Jewelry is made of wood and other heavy metals. Afghanistan ands its cities are famous for nuts. The most famous places in the province are Balkh, Chahar Bolak, Chahar Kint, Chimtal, Dawlatabad, Dihdadi, Kaldar, Khulm, Kishindih, Marmul, Mazari Sharif, Nahri Shahi, Sholgara, Shortepa, Zari.

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