Jobs in Balıkesir

Jobs in Balıkesir | Job Opportunities in Balıkesir

Balıkesir is the official capital town of Balıkesir prefecture and has almost 365,747 inhabitants in its administration s per national population census conducted during 2009. During the Byzantine phase of life in Balıkesir, it was called as a Palaeokastron that indicate its meaning as an Old Castle. It is very old and historic towns of the country and contained different signs and reflections of ancient culture in its present presentations and social values of the society. Economy and financial position of the city is good and dependant of different income generating projects, assignments and daily doing tasks that earns much and shares the same in its local population of Balıkesir & national income. Textile and services industries of eh city are major employers offering excellent employment services to the demanding and seeking job applicants of Turkey.

There is a high trend of export commodities in Balıkesir due to excellent foreign capital and international revenue. Olive based products, garments, kitchen accessories, kids sportswear and ladies under garments are in high demand of the other towns and nations therefore large production orders are made and shipped in the required destinations of the world that ultimately accommodate wide range of job seekers in the society of Balıkesir. Tons of annual visitors and travelers love to come and explore its natural destinations and tourist sites.

There are different fun time places of the society that are better categorized as the clock tower, historical fountain, the Zaganos Pasha Mosque, Yildirim Mosque, Aygoren and Karaoglan district of Ottoman phase, Balıkesir National Photography Museum, the Museum of National Moment, and historic windmills. Such major tourist attractions are a pure source of instant rise in its annual Income, GDP and per capita income of the society and graded as important income generating pillars of Balıkesir Township.

Jobs in Balıkesir

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