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Jobs in Bajah | Job Opportunities in Bajah

Beja or Bajah is a municipality in Tunisia and is a biggest metropolis of African city. It is sited 104 km of Tunis and Medjerdah River and the Mediterranean Sea provide beautiful scenery beside the distant walk. It is an important trading town and different commercial products and industrial equipments are of the common interest in industrial markets of Bajah. Financial position of the city is good and mainly reliant of its mining firms and trading companies producing biggest production orders of textile, chemical and FMCG goods. It has rich and fertile soil used for different agricultural activities and production of wheat and sugarcane. Foreign trade policy of Tunisia is flexible and quite favorable for Bajah industries as small scaled investors and self employed businessmen are strongly encouraged to come forward and apply for different governed aid schemes and start self production to increase the income level of the city.

History and previous time period of the city is not good and memorable in good manners as most of the time it remained under battles and warship attacks. The Romans shattered the old Carthaginian fortress and substituted it with a latest one. World War II was another shock for Bajah. Much causality was occurred in Bajah and many were displaced. Present infrastructure and education level of the city is on right track and providing utmost better academic services to the enrolled students and interested candidates.

There are many public places and evening fun time destinations like clubs and pubs observed crowded during holidays and weekends in Bajah. Young and adult community love to spend most of their free time in such location of Bajah that provide intimacy and freewill. Education sector and mining firms are major employment providers and channels interesting and helpful for the job seekers in Bajah.

Jobs in Bajah

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