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Jobs in Bago | Job Opportunities in Bago

Bago is a city and the capital of Bago Division in Myanmar. It is situated just about 50 miles away from Rangoon. Buddhism is predominant religion of the major population and has very old historical background. Arab geographer Ibn Khudadhbin wrote its history in 849 AD and declared it very fertile land for agricultural growing. It has more than 220,000 inhabits in its land area. Economically it is a stable city of Myanmar and mainly reliant of agricultural growth, industrial reformation, mining and tourism. Various multinational financial institutes and banks are functioning in Bago and contributing in its national development. Mining industry of Bago is a major employer of the town to engage majority of the local tenants in employment. Education level of the city is pretty good and facilitated by latest requirements of this age. People are fun lover and spend their free time in recreational spots.

Bago has very friendly relation with the neighboring countries and relaxed foreign trade policy entices various investors in the city. Textile sector of Bago is very busy sector including knitted and woven fabric. Grey cloth and died yarn is mainly consumed in local machines and bulk production of grey cloth is produced on large digital units. Electronic media is very advanced and have free will to publicize the voice of community.

There are several visiting attractions in Bago to attract more and more tourists and earn foreign revenue. Natural resorts and museums remain crowded during weekends by the local residents. Industrial reformation has created several job opportunities for the qualified graduates of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and administrative sciences with competitive pay perks and career growth.

Jobs in Bago

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Bago

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Bago

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Bago

Management & Administration Jobs in Bago


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