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Jobs in Badghis | Job opportunities in Badghis

Badghis is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. It is located in northwestern part of Afghanistan, between the Murgab and Hari rivers, extending to the edge of the desert of Sarakhs. Badghis province also has a population of Kuchis or nomads whose numbers vary in different seasons. In winter and summer 115,100 stay in Badghis. It consists of 30 communities. All of these are partially migratory, and 94% of the community migrates in hard seasons. In the winter they stay in one area and don’t move around during the season. There are no long range migratory Kuchi that use Badghis as their summer area.

Ab Kamari is one of the districts in the west of Badghis Province. The main source of income in Ab Kamari is pistachio forests. Most of the population lives in the valley of the Murghab River. The Qadis District is located in the southern part of Badghis province, Afghanistan, between the districts Jawand in the East, Qala i Naw in the west, Muqur and Murghab in the North. Agriculture is the main source of income and the rivers like Murghab and Hari makes the available land suitable for cultivation. Badghis is also one of the carpet-making capitals of the country. There are no small industries in Badghis and there is only a small production of handicrafts, carpets and jewellery. Almost half the carpets produced in the province are made in Ab Kamari and a fifth are made in Qadis.

Around 97% of the population of Badghis lives in rural districts while 3% lives in urban areas. Around 51% of the population is male and 49% is female. The most frequently spoken languages are Dari, spoken by 56% of the population and Pashto, spoken by 40% of the population. Uzbeki is also spoken by five out of 964 villages, Turkmani by four villages, and Balochi spoken by only one village.

Badghis province also has a higher education facility. Although there is currently no government or private university in the province, there is a Teacher Training Institute which, in 2005, had 7 male teachers catering for a total of 198 students, 73% of whom were men and 27% women. One hundred and thirty seven new teachers graduated from Badghis Teacher Training Institute in 2005, including 57% men and 43% women.

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