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Jobs in Badakhshan | Job opportunities in Badakhshan

Badakhshan is located in the northeastern part of Afghanistan; it is surrounded by Takhar Province in the west and Nuristan in the south, and touches the international borders of Tajikistan in the north, China in the west, and in the south. The capital of Badakhshan is Fayzabad.

In contains a distinct ethno-linguistic and religious community. The ethnic Pamiris, an Eastern Persian speaking people, probably originated in Badakhshan. The origins of Pashto, another Eastern Iranian language, also believed to have been in this region, before being introduced to the region further south. Pamiris are descendant of the earlier East Iranian speakers who had populated the region by around 2000 BC. Tajiks and Uzbeks are the dominant groups in the western part of Badakhshan.

The main religion of Pamiris is Ismaili, Islam, some follow Sunni Islam. Its people have a rich cultural heritage, Due to its preservation of ancient forms of music, poetry and dance that have been lost in many other parts of Central Asia.

Badakhshan is one of the most impoverished areas in the world. Opium poppy growing is the only real source of income in Badakhshan. Lapis lazuli has been mined in the Sar-e-Sang district in Badakhshan for many centuries and was the largest and most well known source of income in ancient times. But recent mining activity is focused on lapis lazuli. Recent geological surveys have indicated the location of other gemstone deposits, in particular rubies and emeralds. Exploitation of this mineral wealth could be key to the development and prosperity of this region.

Jurm District is one of the 30 districts of Badakhshan Province in eastern Afghanistan. The district is located near the center of the province and its population is about 3,000, which makes it one of the most lightly populated portions of the province.

Shiki is also one of the districts of Badakhshan Province in eastern Afghanistan. It was declared a district in 2005 by dividing Fayzabad District. Its population is around 26,000. The southern half of Darwaz is the district of Darwaz in Badakhshan Province in Afghanistan. They are connected by the Tajik-Afghan Friendship Bridge, a permanent link that carries commercial and passenger traffic.

Badakhshan is a remote province surrounded by hills. The HINDOKUSH Mountain is very famous mountain range of this area. The Wakhan Coridoor is the highest appreciated area by the tourists.

The annual Pamir Festival takes place at Sarhad-e-Broghil, in the Wakhan Corridor of Afghan Badakhshan every year in the month of August. The festival is organised by the people of the Wakhan with the assistance of the Wakhan Tourism Office based in Ishkashim, Badakhshan. It provides a chance to the people of this little known area to get together for celebrating their own culture and to welcome tourists and other visitors who are interested in finding out more about the region.

Jobs in Badakhshan

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