Jobs in Ayorou

Jobs in Ayorou | Job opportunities in Ayorou

Ayourou is a settlement in Tillaberi province of Niger. It is positioned 209 km west of the capital Niamey next to the Malian boundary, eponymous island and the River of Niger. There are different small and major irrigation channels widely used in the city of Ayorou to provide timely and proper water supplies in most demanding water based crops of the city. Apart from agricultural activities most of the people in the villages and cities are linked and pretty found of animals and birds therefore there are many small and major birds and animal market offering great assortment of unique birds and tame animals. Agricultural growth is poultry and cattle farming and from such activities most of the people in Ayorou earn much so produce higher quantity of live stock in Ayorou.

For sack of better living and healthy life style in the city of Ayorou the educated strength of the population love to join government offered employment in civil sector and serve the society as well as increase their personal life style whereas rest of the people in Ayorou are most caring for seeking attractive and career oriented employment at Niger in multination companies and big shot producers and investors. As the time is passing most of the advancement and latest inventions are coming and facilitating the population at Ayorou.

While discussing about the tourism industry and visiting spots at Ayorou, many names comes to minds instantly that can amuse the first time visitors and fun time lovers at Ayorou like shopping malls offering great shopping and selling commodities in Ayorou whereas night clubs and evening spots also earn much from the different services and activities arranged for such occasions of the nation.

Jobs in Ayorou

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