Jobs in Atakpame

Jobs in Atakpame | Job Opportunities in Atakpame

Yoruba cultured inhabitant established Atakpame city in Togo during 12th century that has attained a status of fifth biggest city of Togo by its population. National census conducted in Atakpame during 2008 declared the statistics of 114,326 inhabitants carrying almost 40% educated 40 % under elementary and remaining 20 % in adolescence. Generally the town is considered as an industrial centre surrounded by the well organized highways and railway carriage system very supportive for the domestic trade as well as enabling distant cities under one unit. Agricultural sector growing cotton in bulk quantity has enticed major textile giants to invest in the Atakpame city that are producing best quality of textile in its region. Geographically the city is surrounded with Abomey, Bohicon, Lokossa, Kpeme and Ho.

During World War I in 1914, it was aimed by the opponents to destroy the city from the world map and German radio station was a main prey at Kamina near Atakpame. Togo’s continuous strive for poverty alleviation has settled up to some extent the issue of unemployment and it is envisaged that coming few years will change the entire glimpse of the unstable society into a modern civilization of Togo.

During ancient time, a main railway line was laid by the British rulers that are still in operation but transportation sector require further enhancement in highways and street maps. Several industrial developments in Atakpame are an outcome of its visionary leadership of present decade. New expansions in technological advancement, infrastructure, education and domestic trades have opened numerous job opportunities for the qualified personnel of information technology, sales and marketing, accounting and administrative science with attractive pay perks.

Jobs in Atakpame

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Atakpame

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Atakpame

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Atakpame

Management & Administration Jobs in Atakpame


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