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Jobs in Ashgabat | Job Opportunities in Ashgabat

Ashgabat-Turkmenistan is a comparatively youthful city, rising out of a rural community established by Russians in 1818. It grew on the carcass of the Silk Road city of Konjikala, considered as a wine-producing community in 2nd century. This village was a victim of heavy earthquake that leveled the entire town in 1st century BCE. Later on continuous efforts of the government made it possible to reform the same on better proposals of architecture. In 1869, Russian military built a citadel on a mountain near the Ashgabat-Turkmenistan which got immense attraction for travelers, merchants and craftsmen to the area. Ashgabat remained a division of Persia till 1881 and absorbed many traditions of the Persian culture. Russia strived maximum to extend Ashgabat as a provincial center owing to the border of British influenced Persia.

Ashgabat-Turkmenistan is regarded as a pleasant town containing with European styled construction, supermarkets and hotels. Ashgabat is mainly a governmental and managerial center. Main industry in Ashgabat-Turkmenistan is cotton, textiles products and metallic working. Trans Caspian railway is a big source of connecting towns and cities with each other to make a safe and quicker transportation system. Every Sunday, the Tolkuchka Bazaar in the periphery provides wide options for purchasing and selling required essentials at low price. Ashgabat-Turkmenistan has arid climate with very hot temperature during summers.

There are many tourist spots available in Ashgabat-Turkmenistan i.e. Turkmen Fine Arts Museum, Turkmen Carpet Museum, Ashgabat National Museum that has sings of Parthian and Persian culture. Higher education is provided with affordable cost at the Academy of Sciences and it is well said that after having degree from this institute, no one can remain unemployed. Also information technology is such a field that carries good pay out options for the employees and encourages choosing sales job with excellent pay perks and incentives.

Jobs in Ashgabat

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