Jobs in Ar Raqqah

Jobs in Ar Raqqah | Job Opportunities in Ar Raqqah

Ar Raqqah is a city of Syria situated on north bank of Euphrates River just around 150 km away from Aleppo. Ar Raqqah is also spelled as Rakka in different regions. It is a medium sized city having a total population of 200,000 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2008 and holds the status of governorate of major cities. Syria is a middle income rising country mainly reliant on agriculture, mining industry and energy generating projects. Few decades ago Ar Raqqah government changed certain economic policies and nationalization of private sector was a big step of that age. Due to nationalization in Ar Raqqah, employees kept dozing and prolonged official assignments to rebuke the government policies causing a huge economic slump. Presently the situation of the town is quite changed and Ar Raqqah is getting good enough after the reformation of industrial sector.

In ancient time the city was recognized as a Christian town but the king of Ar Raqqah sold the city for two hundred years to the Muslim inhabitants. Since then it is considered as a Muslim state containing majority of the Sunni Muslim tenants. The notorious Battle of Siffin was fought in this land area. Tombs of Ammar Ibn Bin Yasir and Uwais al-Qarni are situated on the battle points in Ar-Raqqah.

Ar Raqqah is passing through the era of its second blossom basing on the developments of agriculture & industrial sector. Educational institute are producing bulk quantity of degree holders of numerous fields i.e. information technology, sales and marketing, accounting & finance and administrative sciences. Mining industry and manufacturing concerns of the town are a major source of providing high paid jobs to the qualified candidates. There are few tourist attractions in the town because the entire state was destroyed by the Mongols during 13th century. Ruined structures and commercial buildings are a main source of attraction for the foreigners who love to explore the historic culture of Ar Raqqah.

Jobs in Ar Raqqah

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Ar Raqqah

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Ar Raqqah

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Ar Raqqah

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