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Jobs in Antakya | Job Opportunities in Antakya

Antakya is the official seat of Hatay prefecture in Turkey and being bordered by the Syria & Lutfu SavaƟ. It is one of the oldest Christian towns of the country and most of the Christian organizations and denominations are practicing in the city since so long to uplift he human values and social standards. Financial trends and earning channels of the city are linked with agricultural growth based on sugarcane products, corn, wheat and rice whereas supporting industries and service sector of the city add up incredible annual income. Antakya is practicing advanced values and digital technological in its culture and with the greater interest and demand of the local population government of Turkey has provided the modern utilities and facilities in the township of Antakya. Overall financial position of the city is good and by the end of next few decades it will be graded as important and wealthiest towns of the country.

Education sector of the city is based on three education level like primary education level, secondary education level and higher education level. Most of the population in Antakya has learned till secondary education level whilst government and state authorities are of the view to promote the concept and idea to become highly qualified people in the city so that there may be no need to hire the external talented professions if they have our own students highly qualified in different professional lines in Antakya. Mustafa Kemal University, Tayfur Sokmen Campus and numerous colleges and institutes are highly accredited learning centers of the society.

Main sights and tourist attraction in the city of Antakya include Antakya Archaeological Museum, Roman mosaics; the rock carved Church of St Peter, Christian pilgrimage sites, the seedy Gunduz cinema, the waterfalls at the Harbiye, The labyrinth of Antakya and St. Simon Monastery.

Jobs in Antakya

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