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Jobs in Aneho | Job Opportunities in Aneho

Aneho is a settlement in southeastern Togo and is officially and exactly located 44 km of the capital Lome. It is flanked by the Atlantic Ocean and Lake Togo in Maritime province that provides an ideal honey moon spot for the tourists and adventure seekers in the sea tides. Traditionally Aneho was identified as Little Popo due to Portuguese slave market in the community offering different other slavery products and human trade. During 1880s German forces evaded in the city and made it’s their capital town for administrating the large land areas of the new emperorship. Later on the title of Capital state was lost that also decreased the importance of Aneho city and was shifted to the Lome in late 19th century. Present financial position an economy of the city is on good stage and provide a reasonable and better life style to the population earning good per capita income in Aneho.

There are foremost industries dealing in farming and fishing activities and producing attractive foreign capital and local reserves from domestic and international trades. Apart from fishing, mining and sailing are other income generating channels of the city. Road network and highways are not appreciable as most of the areas needs due care and proper maintenance but that is not a biggest issue for the people that use alternate passage during sudden problems in Aneho.

Due to variety and abundance of historic and ancient landscapes of Aneho UNESCO world heritage site has added it in its category list and different first time travelers admire historic sites and ruined structures whereas history lovers and researchers spend most of their time in hotels and after hectic daily routine and savor traditional cuisines offered in the restaurants of Aneho.

Jobs in Aneho

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