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Jobs in Amadora | Job Opportunities in Amadora

Located in the north western corners of Portugal, Amadora is a city as well as a municipality. Overall population of Amadora is around 1.75 million inhabitants and is spanned over the area of around 24 square kilometers. The unique and salient factors of Amadora are that it is the smallest city and the municipality of the whole Portugal. But is the most densely populated as well. So as far population, Amadora is ofcourse one of the biggest cities in Portugal. Amadora is still a developing city of the country and besides the fact that rehabilitation and development plans are being executed by local and the national government of Portugal, but still Amadora is notorious because of its higher rate of criminal activities and filing of crime reports as compared to the national crime rate stats.

Besides the criminal, poverty, unemployment and drug dealing in the neighboring cities like Cova da Moura, Amadora still a place of artistry and innovative hairstyles which are highly adopted, copied and appreciated in all the other parts of Portugal. Amadora’s young adults like Rock, Hip Hop and similar drummy music and music is a vital part of Amadora’s cultural life.

Amadora has a great potential for economic growth, investment opportunities, business establishment and ofcourse job creation activities. But following the history, Amadora is still facing the unrest, robberies, murders and other crimes are a very high rate. Although central government has put together several plans and investments to rehabilitate Amadora but ground realities are still like they were in the past. So, till now, Amadora is not an attractive place for business investments or job seeking.

Jobs in Amadora

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