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Jobs in Aleppo | Job Opportunities in Aleppo

Aleppo is very old and biggest city of northern Syria and is the capital of Aleppo Governorate. An estimated population of the Aleppo city is around 2.4 million inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2007 with the title of largest city in the Levant districts. Ancient history of the city links at least 4,000 years since second millennium BC that is quite obvious from the renovation and construction of the residential buildings. Tell Qaramel hill is a main point of its establishment. Geographically it is surrounded with Mediterranean Sea and the Euphrates. The river Quweiq provides an excellent scenic view by flowing through the city. Transportation sector of Aleppo is well structured including railroad, Silk Road highway and certain air routes to facilitate the travelers.

Aleppo is the biggest urban area in the Syrian Republic depending upon textiles, chemicals, pharmaceutics, agro-processing industries, electrical, alcoholic beverages, engineering and tourism. Commercially it has bottomless roots in the Chamber of commerce established in 1885 to administrate the internal and external trades with Middle East & Arab world. It is considered as the most urbanized commercial & industrial city in Ottoman Empire after Constantinople and Cairo. Aleppo contains semi arid climate due to the Mediterranean coast ranging from an average temperature between 18-20 degrees.

There are numerous tourists’ attractions in the city including amusement parks, hill stations, natural resorts and casinos. Stable economy of Aleppo entice majority of the relocating individuals to avail numerous job opportunities for the skilled graduates of information technology, sales and marketing, accounting and finance and administrative science on good pay perks.

Jobs in Aleppo

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Aleppo

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Aleppo

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Aleppo

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