Jobs in Al Quds

Jobs in Al Quds | Job opportunities in Al Quds

Al-Quds is the Arabic pronunciation meaning as Holy or Pure and is one of the metropolises in Jerusalem. Al-Quds Mosque is the historic and most beautiful mosque in the region and a central respective and sacred place for Muslims. By the same name of Al-Quds a famous Palestinian Arabic daily newspaper is also printed that is a major platform to convey the daily news and updates to the society and at the same time plays an important role in provision of different part time and full time jobs to the job seekers in Al Quds. It has got the title and repute of the biggest selling print media tool and highly in circulation in the Palestinian regions. Geographically it is a hill town and has a desert climate all around where most of the people care for cattle farms of sheep and goats.

There different colleges and schools available in the society of Al Quds including school of Science and Technology, Paramedical Science center, Arts and Religious Studies point, School of Medicine, Palestinian medical school and many more that provide quality of education to the students of Al Quds and prepare an educated generation of the city. Present time is fully inspired and under influence of the information technology and computer use therefore students love to learn about the modern mode and lines of education in Al Quds.

There are different small and major public places like monuments, zoo, museums, parks and café shops providing a real fun time and quality of leisure options to the participants. It is easily approachable by commercial modes of traveling and self driven vehicles are also in general use due to easily availability of petroleum products and better and highly powerful engines in Al Quds.

Jobs in Al Quds

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