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Jobs in Al Bab | Job Opportunities in Al Bab

Al Bab is an eighth major city of the Syria centrally administered by the Aleppo Governorate. The city is situated in the northeast of Aleppo city covering around 30 km square land area. An estimated population of Al Bab is 184,609 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2009. Majority of the population is Sunni Muslim whereas there are few other religions in minority including Christians, Buddhists and Parses’. Al Bab served the meaning as “the gate” flanked by Aleppo city and the relative districts. The city is well popular among tourists and the foreign travelers who love to visit the tombs, shrines and ancients structures of the Al Bab city. It is populated by Shias and Ismaili sect having numerous religious spots and Imam Bargahs.

Initially the town was formed as a small farming village that expanded with the passage of time and showed its present glimpse of having major cotton producer town of Syria. Al Bab produces finest quality of cotton products and provide in the neighboring markets competing with Damascus and Egyptian products. Numerous mosques in the town provide a beautiful Arial scenic view. Quite a few elementary schools and higher education colleges are functioning in Al Bab city by providing variety of academic programs to the qualifying students.

Agriculture and textile sectors are two major source of opening frequent job options for the skilled graduates of information technology, sales and marketing, accounting & finance and management science with lucrative fringe benefits and career path. Nigh life in Al Bab is not as attractive as compare to the shopping malls and electronic markets offering a large variety of the desired products.

Jobs in Al Bab

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Al Bab

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Al Bab

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Al Bab

Management & Administration Jobs in Al Bab


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